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Progressive Family Care Mission and Vision Statement

The mission of Progressive Family Care is to provide a medical home to Monroe County and the surrounding areas. Generosity, compassion and selflessness will be the values that drive our mission.

Monroe County Doctors Michael Kirk, Sean Lattimore and the rest of the Progressive Family Care team have a vision to provide primary physician care to the residents of Monroe County and surrounding areas. To accomplish this goal a qualified staff of Family Physicians, Pediatricians, Physician Extenders, and medical staff will be employed to develop our medical home.

In order to be successful, Progressive Family Care is committed to its team and patients. Employee education, benefits, and a quality work environment are essential to building a quality Medical Home. Education of our staff on regulations dictated by OSHA, CLIA, HIPAA, and the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation will be maintained by certification. Continuing medical education is ongoing by our Physicians and Physician Extenders to meet the requirements of board certification. In addition the Physicians and Extenders will maintain a code of conduct consistent with the ethics prescribed by the American Medical Association. These efforts will be portrayed and regulated by our leadership team.

Progressive Family Care will continue to expand technology, provide patient education, and promote efficiency to enhance our mission. Electronic Medical Records will shape the future of our practice. We will continue to react to changes in the healthcare environment in order to maintain patient satisfaction as well as promote staff development and maintain a satisfactory work place.

Progressive Family Care's medical home will be comprised of specialists within the realm of primary physician care, including Board Certified Pediatricians, Family Physicians and Physician extenders. The medical home will include offices in Waterloo and Columbia in order to serve the needs of our growing community.

Progressive Family Care will work closely with Southern Illinois Center for Health multispecialty clinic to provide necessary specialty services for its patients. The Waterloo campus also provides imaging services including MRI, X Ray, CT and Mammography. Future services planned include clinical research, wellness/cosmetic services as well as other services that meet the appropriate needs of the community.


Notice to Progressive Family Care Pediatric Patients

Progressive Family Care would like to inform you that Dr. Sandra Hodel has left the practice as of January 3, 2014. We have hired an experienced Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Elisha Schnieders who is currently seeing pediatric patients in collaboration with Family Physicians Dr.’s Kirk, Lattimore and Daigle. Progressive Family Care will expand its pediatric coverage in the summer of 2014 with Board Certified Pediatrician, Dr. Kenneth Hawn.

If your insurance requires that you identify a primary care physician, please contact them and select one of our Family Physicians as your primary provider. We look forward to continuing to provide your pediatric care so please let us know if you have any questions regarding the transition.

We wish Dr. Hodel good luck with her future endeavor and thank her for her years of service to the patients of Progressive Family Care.

The staff of Progressive Family Care


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